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Oil boiler installations

oil Boiler Installs in Cheshire. New oil Boiler iNstallations at Simple Prices

Here at Cheshire Boilers, we have OFTEC registered engineers ready to assist you in finding your new oil boiler, to help get your central heating system working to its maximum efficiency. 


Oil boiler installation

At Cheshire Boilers, we supply and install all the top-brand oil boilers, including Mistral oil boilers, Worcester oil boilers and many more, at a fixed price. Installations are professional, quick and tidy with attention to detail while maintaining our 5-star customer service.

Our OFTEC qualified engineers can install various types of heating systems. Our most popular oil boiler installation would be a conventional boiler installation, But our oil engineers can carry out conventional boiler installs, system boiler installs and heat-only installations. 

Understanding your current Oil boiler system

Your current oil boiler system can look daunting and if like a lot of our customers you have carried out research but are still unsure you understand the difference between the boiler systems. Our engineers have complained a simplified video for you to look at. 

Combi oil Boiler System

A combination oil central heating system

Conventional oil Boiler System

A conventional oil central heating system

System oil Boiler System

A system oil central heating system

OIL Boiler Recommendations

Here at Cheshire Boilers we have over 10 years on oil boiler installations and we have OFTEC engineers who have been in the industry even longer, our engineers have compiled an easy top 3 guide to what oil boiler they would recommend from the market at the moment and why they feel it is the best option.

Understanding the different type of oil boiler systems you can have in your home?

Boiler replacement

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Combi to System Boiler Installation

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Combi to Conventional Boiler Installation

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ConventioNAl to System Boiler installation

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How much does an oil boiler installation cost?

There is a price difference in oil heating systems that can have a large effect on the overall installation cost for example, a conventional oil boiler is normally a better value than a combi oil boiler system. 

Boiler Type Boiler Name Warranty Price
Boiler Type Mistral
Boiler Name Mistral CC2+ - Combi
Warranty 5 Years
Price £6,500.00
Boiler Type Worcester
Boiler Name Greenstar Heatslave II - Combi
Warranty 2 Years
Price £6.500.00
Boiler Type Worcester
Boiler Name Greenstar Danesmoor II - Heat Only Conventional
Warranty 2 Years
Price £5,000.00
Boiler Type Worcester
Boiler Name Greenstar Danesmoor II - System
Warranty 2 Years
Price £6,500.00

What does a Gas boiler installation look like?

Before your new boiler installation by cheshire boilers

During your new boiler installation BY cheshire boilers

after your new boiler installation by Cheshire boilers

Different Oil Tanks

Oil Storage Tanks

Every oil boiler will have an oil storage tank, these can be made out of single-skin plastic, bunded plastic or steel.

You can get various different-sized and shaped oil tanks, we would recommend you look at the space available at your property and how often you wish to get an oil delivery will also impact the size of the tank you have. 

Oil Boiler Pros & Cons

Pro’s of an oil Boiler

Con’s of an oil Boiler

Oil Boiler Installation

Frequently Asked Questions

You will know you’ve got oil as it is kept in a large tank, usually in the garden, that contains the oil your boiler runs off. which is filled up by a different company.

Oil is normally the 2nd cheapest fuel to use to power your boiler with natural gas being the 1st. in some recent times our customers have reported it’s been cheaper than gas. You will only need to fill your oil tank up every 3- 24 months depending on the capacity. it is normally considerably cheaper to run over LPG gas and electric powered boilers.

Oil is one of the highest-priced installs as the boilers are expensive to buy. Especially if you need to get a tank and a base for a tank installed. If you haven’t got gas to your home and can’t get gas then oil is a really good choice to have installed. Oil boiler installations normally become the best option when a property cant get a natural gas supply, has space and access to site an oil tank and have the affordability for the initial install cost which is generally a lot more than a gas, LPG or electric boiler installation. 

For oil the brands are quite different from others. Worcester, Grant and Mistral are our most popular brands for oil boilers. Take a look at our price list to see what sort of options we do have.

There is a large price difference between combi and conventional for oil. But a combi offers up a save on money as you won’t be heating up a cylinder all day. So in the long run, even though a combi is considerably more expensive, it will save you money. even with these savings most oil boilers are conventional due to the high cost of oil combi boiler installations 

We do not stock oil boilers so a wait of 1-7 days will need to be allowed. This is because oil boilers are too large and expensive to stock so each project the boiler is ordered from the manufacture upon booking confirmation.

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