Boiler Service

Boiler Servicing

Boiler Servicing

Here at Cheshire Boilers, we can service Gas, Oil, LPG and Commercial boilers, Our engineers are ready to help you keep your boiler running to its maximum efficacy so you can focus on more important things.

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Gas, Oil and LPG Boiler Service

At Cheshire Boilers we understand getting your boiler serviced each year might not be top of your priority list, but there are several reasons you should make sure you are getting it done: 

Requirements of your boiler guarantee or warranty.

Boiler warranties and guarantees often state that you must have your boiler serviced every year for your policy to remain valid.

Please don’t worry if you have forgotten to get it done yet, we recommend you get your boiler serviced within 5 months of your current service date, failure to get your boiler serviced will void your guarantee or warranty. 

It keeps you and your family safe.

During your annual boiler service, a qualified gas-safe registered engineer will undergo emissions checks this will check your boiler isn’t leaking harmful gasses such as carbon monoxide along with other safety checks. 

Help you to save money in the long run.

Regular boiler servicing will help find any boiler faults or small repairs before they become a larger issue or result in the cost of a new boiler. Boiler maintenance will improve the efficiency and reliability of your boiler making it more energy-efficient and helping to keep your bills lower. 

New rules for landlords 

If you are a landlord it is a legal requirement to get all boilers in rented properties serviced annually. You must also have gas safety checks carried out on gas appliances. 

You will need to get a landlord gas safety certificate (CP12) which can be carried out by our gas-safe engineers.

What does a Boiler Service involve?

Before your boiler service by cheshire boilers

During your boiler Service BY cheshire boilers

after your Boiler Service by Cheshire boilers

How much does a Boiler Service cost?

Please be advised if you have a problem with your boiler, a service may not fix this issue and you might need to take a look at our repair page. 

Our Service Price List:

Additional Certificates / Service Prices For At The Same Time:

Gas Boiler Service

Gas Boiler servicing is completed by gas-safe registered engineers who have spent many years learning the trade.

Here at Cheshire Boilers, we have qualified gas engineers ready to help get your gas boiler serviced. Our engineers will make sure your boiler is working correctly and carry out several essential checks to make sure your boiler meets gas-safe requirements. 

Oil Boiler Service

To get an oil boiler serviced you need to get the correct central heating engineer, these engineers need to have carried out additional qualifications to become OFTEC qualified.

Here at Cheshire Boilers, we have qualified OFTEC engineers who have been installing and servicing oil boilers for over 10 years now and continuously retrain to comply with OFTEC’s regulations. 

LPG Boiler Service

LPG boiler services can be carried out by gas-safe registered engineers, these engineers are trained to work with both natural gas and LPG boilers. So just like a gas boiler service, our engineers will be happy to carry out your annual boiler service. 

Commercial Boiler Service

Commercial boiler servicing can be carried out by a gas safe registered engineers who have carried out additional training to work with larger kw heating systems. This training has been carried out by our engineers and we can confidently service your property no matter the size of your heating system, you can have peace of mind it has been done by qualified engineers. 

Frequently Asked Questions

A Gas Safe registered (If a natural gas/ LPG boiler) or OFTEC registered (If an Oil boiler) engineer will visit your property and carry out any necessary safety checks along with an internal parts check and clean. 

A boiler service can take from 30 -45 minutes. It is a reasonably quick service that will give you peace of mind your boiler is working correctly for the colder months. 

Yes, we can help you out with this. Call us or fill out the contact us form with as much detail as you can and we can contact you back and get you booked in.

Here at Cheshire Boilers, we recommend getting your boiler serviced in the summer months. One is because most people turn their heating off over the summer and don’t turn it back on till the colder months, which can leave parts to seize or break when turned back on, also our engineers are more available as in the colder months we have to prioritise people with no heating or hot water and we may not have the availability to fit it in as easily around your lifestyle.

You should get your boiler serviced every year from the installation date,  but don’t worry if you have forgotten, we recommend within 5 months of this date. 

Every boiler should be serviced annually has yours!



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