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Gas Boiler Fitters In Cheshire. New Gas Boiler iNstallations at Simple Prices

Here at Cheshire Boilers, we have gas-safe registered engineers ready to help you find your new gas boiler and help you get your central heating system working to its maximum efficiency. 

Gas boiler installation

At Cheshire Boilers we supply and install all the top brands, including Baxi boilers, Worcester boilers, Vaillant boilers and many more all at a fixed price. Installation is professional, quick and tidy with attention to detail all while maintaining our 5-star customer service.

Our gas-safe registered engineers can install various types of heating systems. Our most popular gas boiler installation would be a combi boiler installation, But our gas engineers can carry out conventional boiler installs, system boiler installs and heat-only installations. 

Understanding your current gas boiler system

Your current boiler system can look daunting and if like a lot of our customers you have carried out numerous hours of research but are still unsure you understand the difference between the boiler systems. Our engineers have compiled several simplified videos for you to look at. 

Combination gas Boiler System

Conventional gas Boiler System

System gas Boiler System

Understanding your current boiler system

Depending on which fuel your boiler is currently running from will determine what sort of fuel is powering your boiler, there are 4 main sources of heating your home 

  • Gas (natural) – Gas boilers are the most common fuel supply for boilers across the UK. Your property will have a gas meter normally located at the entrance of your property or it can be located not far from your electric meter. 
  • Electricity – Electric boilers are heating systems that will run off your electricity you will only have one meter within your home. 
  • LPG  (Liquor Protelam Gas) – if you have an LPG boiler these are commonly found in caravan parks or country houses you will have either a large tank that has to be refilled or 2 red tanks which you will have to replace. 
  • Oil – Oil Boilers are more commonly found at more rural properties where gas mains have not been installed, You will have an Oil tank located either in your garden or near your driveway. 

There are 3 types of gas boiler systems:

  • Combi – A combi system is the most popular boiler system and is just a boiler on the wall which does both your central heating and heats your hot water.
  • Conventional – A conventional boiler system is a boiler accompanied by a cylinder which can be found in an airing cupboard or rare cases your loft, along with header tanks which will be found in a loft space.
  • System –  A system boiler is a pressurised boiler which is accompanied by a pressurised cylinder which is commonly found in an airing cupboard or your garage.

But you can change each system to an alternative system for example: Combi to a Conventional

All boiler systems of this day and age will all have flues, these can be positioned in 2 ways coming out of the side of your property which is classed as a horizontal flue or out of your roof which is classed as a vertical flue. 

You can get fluless boilers but these are very uncommon for this day in age if you are unsure please contact a member of the team and they will be able to advise alternative options. 

Please be advised if you have a vertical flue currently the prices on the website may be affected as there is additional work needed to seal your flue into position. 

If you are unsure on what size boiler would be suitable for the size of your house this will be dependent on how many bathrooms are in your home, for example a home with 1 shower we would recommend a 28-30kw boiler, if you have 2-3 showers we would recommend you look at a 40kw boiler. Anything larger we would suggest contacting a member of our team to discuss the best options. 

Depending on If you live in a Terrace house or a Flat compared to a Semi-detached, Detached and a Bugalow can depend on your boiler options as you will need to consider where your flue, meter and drainage is positioned.

If you are planning on moving your boiler you will need to take note that the website prices might be affected due to the new position of the boiler in relation to your gas meter as a new pipe may need to be installed through your house but also that the condensation must be drained and your boiler is best located near a drainage system, this is why they are mostly fitted in kitchens, utilities and bathrooms. 

Understanding the different type of gas boiler systems you can have in your home?

Boiler replacement

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Combi to System Boiler Installation

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Combi to Conventional Boiler Installation

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ConventioNAl to System Boiler installation

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How much does a gas boiler installation cost ?

Depending on the size of your house and the number of bathrooms you have at the

property will help you decide what size boiler you should have. If your home has 1 shower we would recommend a 28-30kw boiler, if you have 2 -3 showers we would recommend you look at a 40kw boiler. For anything larger, we suggest contacting a member of our team to discuss. 


How much does a 28-30kw Combi boiler installation cost depending on the boiler brand? 

Boiler Type Boiler Name Warranty Price
BAXI Duotec HE A 28 7 Years £2,400
BAXI (MAIN) 30 Eco Compact 5 Years £2,200
GLOW WORM Energy 30KW 2 Years £2,600
IDEAL Logic 30kw 5 Years £2,500
VAILLANT Ecotec Pro 30 2 Years £2,600
WORCESTER 8000 Life 30kw 8 Years £2,800

What does a Gas boiler installation look like?

Before your new Gas boiler installation by cheshire boilers

During your new gas boiler installation BY cheshire boilers

after your new gas boiler installation by Cheshire boilers

our Combi gas Boiler Recommendations

Here at Cheshire Boilers, we have over 10 years in the gas boiler installation industry and our engineers have been in the trade even longer. Our engineers have compiled an easy guide on what combi gas boiler they would recommend.

our Gas Conventional gas Boiler Recommendations

Take a look at our most recommended conventional gas boilers, our engineers fit a wide range of conventional boilers from many boiler manufacturers and these are what they feel are the most asked for at the minute. 

our Gas system Boiler Recommendations

Our most recommended gas system boiler installation on the market at the moment by qualified gas engineers.

our Gas Boiler Pro's and Con's

Pro’s of an gas Boiler

Con’s of an gas Boiler

Frequently Asked Questions on Gas boilers

Gas boilers are the cheapest to install, which makes them a very common type. If you take a look at our price list page, it will display the price of all boilers which we offer. The prices vary on which system you have and what brand or power the boiler is.

Not every home is the same. For a standard 1 bathroom house, we suggest a 30kw combi boiler. Hot water is heated on demand, whereas a conventional heats a cylinder all day which could use a lot of gas. For larger houses with up to 3 bathrooms, we suggest a 40kw gas boiler.

Gas is the cheapest fuel to run a boiler off and also has some of the lowest costs to install. Other fuel types like oil and lpg can have higher running costs and install costs.

You can check by ringing your local gas supplier and checking with them. Another way is looking for a gas metre which has been installed inside your property or on the outside wall.

If someone has condemned your gas boiler as deemed unsafe then your best option is to call us for the best possible way to move forward. We can direct you to getting your home warm in no time.

Yes, we can help you out with this. Call us or fill out the contact us form with as much detail as you can and we can contact you back and get you booked in.

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