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Here at Cheshire Boilers, we love our 4 legged friends and with lots of beautiful areas to explore in Cheshire, we know first-hand as dog lovers how muddy our puppies can get.  Take a look at our new dog wash installations.

Look no further we even are here for your four-legged friends

Heating and hot water in your dog room

At Cheshire Boilers, we can make sure your current boiler has the boiler pressure to take on a new additional shower, our central heating engineers understand that you might want an additional radiator placed within the room to help dry your pet’s wet towel or somewhere warm for them to dry off after their pampering session. 

If you have the space, you could even look at utilising, the whole room for your pet by adding additional plug sockets for a dryer or even a little cupboard to store all your dog’s personal grooming items, food and bed space. Keeping all your pet’s belongings in one place allows them to have their own safe space. 

Advantages to having a dog wet room


Having a designated space to clean your pet means less of a struggle to get your puppy or dog into a bath or using a cold outside hose making the experience unenjoyable for you and your pet. 


Keeping your dog clean is important for their health and hygiene. A dedicated dog wash room can help contain messes and prevent water and mud from getting everywhere in your home.

Specialised features

Your dog’s wet room can be tailored for you and your dog. Depending on your dog’s size and age you could have a raised bath making washing your pet easier for you and your back. 

Minimise stress

Some dogs don’t enjoy being bathed, especially if they associate it with an uncomfortable environment. A dedicated dog wash station can help minimise any stress for your pet by providing them with a consistent bathing space.

Things to consider in you dog wash station

The size and age of your dog, take into consideration the size of your dog, if you have or are just about to get a puppy they don’t all stay small forever you will need a space that can be used throughout their life. You will need to consider as your dog gets old whether a raised station would be suitable for their mobility and your back. 

What boiler do you currently have in your home will it sufficiently run an attentional shower and radiator or do we need to look at additional options? This is something our heating engineers can discuss with you as there is always a solution. 

What space do you have in your home, Not every home has space to turn a room into a space for their pets with shower facilities. Do you have a utility room, a boiler room, a shed, a boot room or an outhouse that we can help look into repurposing these spaces for your furry friends? Most of these spaces may already have a water supply and drainage facilities within them or located nearby by helping to minimise the amount of work and disruption in your home. 

Happy and safe Space, for your pet to relax

What does a Dog wash station installation look like?

Before your Dog wash station Installation by cheshire boilers

During your dog wash station installation BY cheshire boilers

after your DOG WASH STATION INSTALLATION by Cheshire boilers

Frequently Asked Questions

Your current boiler might be able to accommodate an additional shower it could have additional demand you need, but there is also a chance it can’t as it is already running at maximum capacity and adding a shower could overload your current system. But here at Cheshire Boilers we can always find a solution, call our engineers today if you would like alternative information. 

If your current water pressure is low, You may need to consider installing a separate pump or boosting your current central heating system to improve your water pressure to the new shower.

Helping keep your paw some pets clean and your homes mud free!



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