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Commercial boiler installations

Commercial Boiler Fitters in Cheshire. New commercial Boiler installations by professional engineers.

We have gas-safe registered engineers here at Cheshire Boilers who are commercially qualified to carry out your larger central heating system installations or commercial buildings.

Commercial boiler installations

Our commercial engineers can supply and install all the top-brand commercial boilers, such as Worcester boilers, Vaillant boilers, Ideal boilers and many more all at a fixed price. All our installs are professional, quick and tidy with attention to detail all while maintaining our 5-star customer service.

Most commercial boilers are found in commercial business buildings but they can be found in domestic settings which have a larger gas metre or if a home exceeds the size of an average home. Usually a large number of bedrooms, bathrooms and living areas. Most domestic boilers can not suffice for this high demand so a commercial boiler will be needed.

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Choosing the right commercial boiler for your needs



This is a Vaillant EcoTec 64kw Commercial Boiler. This is fitted with a flue system and new pipework to the boiler. The boiler will need quite a bit of space and may need racking to be hung on. The gas pipe will need to be large coming to the boiler. This is installed with a low-loss header/plated heat exchanger and new pipework and valves

Valliant 2 commercial system


This is 2 Vaillant EcoTec 64kw boilers in cascade. These Boilers will need a lot more space in a larger room to be fitted. Also the gas pipe and gas metre needs to be larger than for just one boiler. This is installed with a low loss header/plated heat exchanger and new pipework and valves.

commercial boiler installation - northwich - cheshire boilers


This is 3 Vaillant EcoTec 64kw Boilers in cascade. These boilers will need a lot more space in a larger room to be fitted. Also, the gas pipe and gas metre needs to be a lot larger for this type of set up. This is installed with a low-loss header/plated heat exchanger and new pipework and valves.

Take a look at our recent Commercial Boiler installations with prices.

4 heat only Worcester commercial boiler installation


This was a large stately home, with a separate leisure area with pool facilities. Our engineers installed 4 Heat-only pressurised Worcester commercial boilers with low-loss headers. this system was set up as 2 systems combined one controlling one part of the property and another as the other side. 

3 Vaillant Commercial boiler installation


Our engineers carried out this commercial installation at a large property Manor House with pool facilities. they installed 3 Vaillant Commercial boilers with an external plate heat exchanger/low-loss header. 

1 Worcester 8000 Heat-only Commercial Boiler installation


Our engineers were asked to carry out this commercial boiler for a community centre and nursery we advised installing a Worcester 8000. 

How much is a Commercial Boiler system estimated to cost?

Here are some estimated prices for commercial boiler installations. If other additional items need to be added on then it will be added to the price. To reach your system desires, these boilers can be installed in series to make up to your desired kw output.

All prices of boilers come with a flue system and the price covers supply and installation of the boiler and flue system, along with new pipework where needed and new valves.

Tips for choosing your commercial boiler

We have studied and looked at what types of boilers are worthwhile for commercial boiler systems.

In a smaller setting such as a small hotel or something of similar size, you may need a 60-100 kw boiler or could have a sequence of two 50kw boilers to make a 100kw system if the hotel is of a decent size.

For a school or something of a much bigger scale, you may need something around 200kw or larger. This can also be from a sequence of 4, 50kw boilers for example.

In really big buildings and workshops as such you may need a much more powerful boiler than 200kw

The brands which we have found to perform best for a commercial boiler system are Worcester, Ideal and vaillant.

These boiler brands have been researched into and found the best quality and performance for price for this type of boiler system.

As commercial jobs are so different each time, we won’t be able to display a price list but please feel free to contact us and get your quote started today.

Understanding the different types of commercial boiler systems you can have in your home?

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