How to tell if your boiler needs replacing

  • Your boiler isn’t as quick and efficient as it once was – if it is taking longer for your hot tap to get hot or your radiators to heat up then it indicates some underlying issues


  • Your boiler has frequent problems – if you have to constantly reset your boiler or if it locks out regularly then something is going wrong.


  • If you are seeing your energy bills spike as the boiler is not as efficient anymore – if your paying more for your gas bills because your boiler isn’t as efficient it would be a good choice to replace it as it could save you a lot of money in the future.


  • If your boiler is old and you want it moving – moving old boilers is not a good idea as they are fragile and can break easily. If you move your boiler and it is old, it is best to get a new one to avoid implications.


  • If you keep having to phone engineers to come and take a look at it more often than not – If your boiler is costing you money time and time again, it’s best to ask yourself, is it worth spending all of this money on my old broken down boiler’ as it could cost you a lot trying to salvage.


  • Unusual sounds coming from your boiler like clanging banging and whirring.

Looking for a New Boiler Installation

By Professional and Knowledgeable Heating Specialists