A Guide To Vaillant Boilers

Vaillant is a well-known and reputable brand in the heating industry, particularly when it comes to boilers. They offer a wide range of high-quality boilers that are known for their efficiency, reliability, and innovation. This article will discuss popular Vaillant models such as the ecoFIT pure, ecoTEC pro 28, and ecoTEC plus. We will also discuss the prices associated with Vaillant boilers and the factors that influence the installation cost.

Vaillant ecoFIT Pure

The Vaillant ecoFIT pure is a small and light combi boiler that is made to be simple to install and use.  It has a reputation for being quiet and energy efficient. The ecoFIT pure range includes different models with varying outputs to suit different property sizes and heating demands. This boiler is a popular choice for homeowners looking for a reliable and cost-effective heating solution.

Vaillant ecoTEC Pro 28

The Vaillant ecoTEC pro 28 is another combi boiler from Vaillant that offers high efficiency and performance. This is ideal for homes of small to medium size and offers instant hot water without requiring a distinct hot water tank. The ecoTEC pro 28 is durable and requires low maintenance, making it a popular choice for homeowners.

Vaillant ecoTEC Plus

The Vaillant ecoTEC plus is a premium combi boiler that offers advanced features and technology for optimal performance. It is highly efficient and reliable. It comes with a longer warranty period compared to other models. The ecoTEC plus range includes various models with different outputs to cater to different heating needs. This boiler is ideal for homeowners who prioritise quality and performance in their heating systems.

Vaillant Boiler Prices

When considering the cost of a Vaillant boiler, several factors come into play. The price of the boiler itself varies depending on the model, size, and specifications. Additionally, installation costs, including labour charges and any necessary upgrades or modifications to the existing heating system, can impact the overall cost. It’s essential to obtain quotes from qualified installers to get an accurate estimate of the total cost involved in purchasing and installing a Vaillant boiler.

Cost of Vaillant Boiler Installation

The total cost of installing a Vaillant boiler can vary significantly based on several factors. This includes the type of boiler being installed. It also considers any additional parts or accessories required.

Vaillant models are a bit pricier than other brands. However, they are well-made boilers. They are highly efficient and a worthwhile investment.

The difficulty of the installation is taken into account. Any necessary changes to comply with building regulations are also considered. It’s important to work with experienced professionals. They can give you a clear breakdown of all the costs for installing a Vaillant boiler.


A Vaillant boiler service is easier for engineers than some other brands of boilers as there is room to work within these boilers.

This means that these boilers can be maintained properly. This leads to a longer lifespan compared to other types of boilers. Other types of boilers are harder to service.

Our Overview

In conclusion, Vaillant boilers are known for their quality, efficiency, and reliability. Whether you opt for the ecoFIT pure, ecoTEC pro 28, or ecoTEC plus model, you can expect excellent performance and comfort in your home heating system.

Before you purchase and install a Vaillant boiler, consider the initial cost of the unit and installation fees. This will help you have a smooth and cost-effective heating solution.

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